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Staying Updated with the world of eye-catchy design. Retro is fabulous when retro is your look, but accidental retro (because you’re exceptionally outdated) is inadequate to meet the expectations of our clients. Design can change regularly, new concepts emerge, the old concepts can be re-design. We aim to place you in a position where your designs will be current, trending, relevant, and suit both you and your customers. Graphic Design is our key craft. We would love to use it to enable you to stand out from your competitors.

We decide to read a book based on its cover and front design. We eat with our eyes first. What visual makes an impact? Yes, Visual Resources make an impact. Why not leverage them in your favor? Create a beautiful brand that is uniquely you and consistent across print and web and app design. We want to pair your vision with our creativity and empower you to stand out and look great eye-catchy.

Graphic Design Company 

Star Infotech is a leading Graphic design company that provides innovative services in Digital Brandin. Star Infotech has experience in developing Eye Catchy Brochure Design, Packaging box design, Logo Design, and banner publication. We help to obtain UI (user interface) for mobile and computer to express your business communication needs to your targeted audience in an engaging manner. We combine creative thinking, practical knowledge, and technical expertise to turn great design concepts into real and operational results. We have a team of professional and experienced designers who work on insights and understanding of client needs and turns the client’s ideas into a digital brand. We understand that we are not just a graphic design company or a logo Design company, but helping you to build an identity for your business, which will make your image online, on your products, packaging, marketing material, and business communications. Are you searching for the best Graphic Design Company in Auckland for your growing business? No Worries, Star Infotech is an excellent company for logo design in New Zealand. Brand logo design is an important way to help your business better. Use your logo at some places to grow your business, brand name presentation. The logo’s design should be used on, company website, social media profiles, packaging, office décor, business cards, mugs, bottles, signage and banners, mobile cover, display templates, etc.



Logo Design

Logo Design

We at Star Infotech, strive hard to design Eye-Catchy and Unique Logo for your businesses with dedicated commitment. We do not compromise on the quality that we deliver to you. We offer custom logo design which is a perfect blend of style and skill, which is adept at drawing attention and raising curiosity about your brand. 

Brochure Design

Brochure Design

We Star Infotech offer State of the art brochure design & services for your business. We are the best and unique Brochure Designing Company in Auckland, New Zealand. We provide you a holistic wide range of designs. 

business card icon

Business Card Design

Leave a lasting impression with custom business cards from Star Infotech. We offer a wide range & design that start with low price. understand your requirements to the minutest of details, which are necessary to create the most unique, attractive, and professional business card designs for your business.

menu design

Menu Design

Our team has professional designers who are generously endowed with the knowledge to include the right features in the tool. With the aim to enhance your business’s visibility, we strive to gift you exactly what you want. 

flyer design

Flyer/Poster Design

Star Infotech provides state of art, creativity in Flyers, and poster design services that envision your brand statement in a distinct manner. We provide the right animation and graphical illustration of your brand and organization that explicitly details your business ideologies to your consumer segment.

What is branding in simple words?

“Branding is endowing products and services with the power of a brand”. Branding is the process of giving meaning to a specific organization, company, product, or service by creating and shaping a brand in consumers’ minds.

Why is branding important in creating customer value?

Branding is important because not only is it what makes a memorable impression on consumers but it allows your customers and clients to know what to expect from your company. It is a way of distinguishing yourself from the competitors and clarifying what it is you offer that makes you the better choice

Does graphic design come with branding?

While creative decisions will always feel subjective, it’s important to remember that branding goes far beyond the visual. It handles the entire customer experience on all levels, senses, and dimensions. … Simply put, graphic design feeds your brand, your brand feeds your business.


At the Design trip, we offer a multitude of graphic design services or more. You know your business and website are too much dependent on what you show.

Logo designing – We create a creative brand for your growing business.

Package Design – Your packaging shows what’s inside your product.

Brochure Design – Brochure designing is a process to convert your clients by using alternative mediums.

Flyer Design – You know flyers are the best tools for marketing?

Newsletter Designing –  Just be in touch with your customers by designing newsletters.

Custom business card Designs – We build your business first impression.


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